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Financial planners help people from all walks of life solve their financial problems and set achievable financial goals which are frequently family-related. They are trained to use a highly personal approach, working very closely with clients to integrate all aspects of an individual’s financial situation. This comprehensive approach distinguishes financial planners from insurance agents, stockbrokers, accountants or attorneys who may specialize in only one area of a person’s finances. A financial planner looks at the “big picture” of a client’s financial situation. (Certified Financial Planner [CFP ®] Board of Standards).  Based on the current economic climate and the importance of family financial conditions, family financial planning is predicted to be in great demand in the future.

The 1890 FCS - DIA Family Financial Planning program is designed to prepare candidates to meet the CFP Board's educational requirements and help pass the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER Certification Examination. A certificate in Family Financial Planning will be awarded to those who complete the FFP course requirements and a Bachelor of Science Degree.

Six 3 credit hour courses are required to complete the certificate program.  The certificate program will teach 89 integrated, CFP Board required topics, such as General Financial Planning, Insurance, Retirement, Employee Benefits, Investments, Income Taxes, and Estate Planning.


Getting Started:

You must submit an application to the FCS – DIA coordinator at the affiliate institution.

Once accepted into the program, register for the course.

Pay for the course by check or credit card.

Each course costs $600 ($200 per credit hour)

Once enrolled in the program at one of the member institutions, students will register for all courses through that institution.

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